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Part of what makes a story great is knowing how to tell it. I've written and edited content from New Orleans to Abu Dhabi and all of the places in between. I've collected below, what I think is a good representation of the different kinds of stories I've helped to tell, as well as the varied avenues a successful story can wander down before it reaches  a triumphant, finished version of itself. 

There's a story in everything from personal manuscripts to professional content. I'd love to help you get started in telling yours.


Based out of Dubai, Pink Tank is a strategy consultancy with expertise in creating, planning and executing research projects and events in the UAE. 

I have worked on various projects with Pink Tank, most recently editing and content creation for the National Experts Program, 2.0 a 9 month program where some of the most qualified Emiratis across the country are paired with industry leaders as part of a mentorship program to produce experts who will drive the country’s development.

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Hanover is an award-winning communications consultancy that advises enterprises, institutions, and individuals on building recognition and enhancing reputation.

I've worked in tandem with the Director of Healthcare for Hanover to do a deep editing dive for their healthcare campaign, including copy editing for the Hanover Health Care Barometer program and their Healthcare Media Booklet



The Mission of Cabrini High School is to educate the minds and hearts of young women in the Catholic Cabrinian tradition thus instilling the principles of respect, excellence, and service.

While serving as Director of Alumnae from 2010-2012 for Cabrini High School, I worked hand-in-hand with the President as well as the  Director of Development to produce content for and edit the quarterly print alumnae magazine, The Crescent,  as well as a monthly newsletter emailer for all Alumnae. I also assisted in writing and editing grants for the school.

Cabrini Crescent.jpg


NOLA Voice Theatre is the only theatre troupe in New Orleans dedicated to the art, creation, preservation, and performance of voice theatre and family musical theatre. 

I worked with the founder of NOLA Voice Theatre to write and edit the scripts for NOLA Voice Theatre's "Untold New Orleans", a series of one act plays, written by local theatre artists. The play that I wrote, The Ghost of Mona Lisa, was chosen to be performed at The Valiant Theatre.

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